I Might Be Lost

  • Many moons ago in a former life I was a member of a search and rescue team. I had training in many subjects; rope/technical rescue, swiftwater rescue, tracking, land and open water navigation, incident command, etc… Trust me, it sounds way cooler than reality. Nowadays I’d get lost driving to the doughnut shop without my phone navigation. Anyway, two things happened yesterday that drove home the importance of embracing the old boy scout motto – Be Prepared. The first was a quick snowshoe outing. Well, I thought it was going to be quick. It was to a place I’d never been and we have multiple feet of brand new snow. I brought nothing. No water, no gear, no first aid kit. We didn’t let anyone know where we were going. We wandered through the woods for several hours and by the time we got back to the car it was snowing pretty good. I know better and should have been at least minimally prepared. In my head I justified it with thinking it was a pretty highly visited area and our distance wasn’t very far. I didn’t think much more about it until late in the evening. Some folks we know in another part of the state managed to get lost and caught out after dark in the wilderness. Temps were dropping into the teens and snow was expected. We were on the phone on and off for hours as family tried to coordinate search and rescue efforts from afar. I fully expected to be heading north on a multi hour drive to start searching come first light. Details are still sketchy, but they were located and everyone seems to be ok. What’s the point of all this? We all get complacent. We put off planning and preparing. I’ll do it tomorrow. The problem with emergencies is that they happen when you least expect it. Do you have an emergency kit in your car? In your home? (Texas residents certainly never expected to be in their predicament) I’m not saying you need to go full on prepper mode, but could you and your family last three days if something happened? A week? If you’re heading out for some outdoor fun, does someone know where you’re going and when to worry if they don’t hear from you? I think society today has become conditioned to feel safe. Someone in authority will always be there to bail you out. I can always call and someone will come rescue me. Fortunately in this country that is true more often than not. I think the winning attitude is to assume that isn’t true and prepare accordingly. I know this was a wakeup call for me to stop being lazy and get my shit together. We have a local apparel company here that’s run by an ex SEAL called 30SEC Out. They have a sticker I really like that says “Expect to self rescue. No one is coming”. I think it’s a great motto for life in general. I may have to buy a few just remind myself.
  • According to VP Harris, they’re starting from scratch with their Covid response because there was no existing plan. Curious since the U.S. has carried out more vaccinations than any country in the world, and given a first dose to a higher percentage of its population (12%) than all but five small countries. Covid cases have plummeted by 77% in the US. There’s talk we’ll reach herd immunity by April. Which is also interesting because when the previous administration was in power, to mention herd immunity meant you were a science denier. Ain’t politics grand!
  • I bought a drone. Well, technically I’m on on the waiting list with an option to buy a drone when it’s available. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it yet. It’s capable of some truly amazing footage. I suspect I’m telling myself that the only thing keeping my little YouTube channel with 12 subscribers from going big time is not having a drone. Well, that and not actually making very many videos. I’ve got the adventure bike, the gear, the plans, the time, and soon the drone. I guess there are no more excuses. Bummer. Now I’m going to have to actually execute on all my grand plans for adventure content. As they say, talk is cheap. Planning is easy. It’s the doing that’s hard.
  • Is it just me, or does the new press secretary always seem unprepared? She had absolutely no answer when asked “Biden suspended a Trump Administration executive order that was aimed at keeping foreign countries, specifically China, from interfering in the U.S. Power grid… why did he do that?” As press sec, I would think you’d have an answer ready for any executive order your president signed. Especially one potentially related to a natural disaster that’s currently happening.
  • I don’t know what happened here, but yeet is right! Watch this seven second vid. And with that, I’m off to do my last full-time shifts. As my coworkers tell me, I’m moving to the princess shifts. I’ve been working since I was fourteen. It will be very strange to not be full-time. Exciting, worried I’ll be wasting my time, nervous about not being productive, looking forward to a new chapter, and a little apprehensive about the unknown. Time to face all those fears head-on!

Song of the day: Smash Mouth – All Star

3 thoughts on “I Might Be Lost”

  1. Point 5. I’ve been tracking this. Kinda a recurring theme? Frankly, I just don’t get the angst.

    There are 3 types of milestones in our working lives, from least to greatest.

    Your first job just after you last school. I’m thinking you’ve had to have a few of these. I’ve only had one and I remember it vividly. My lead sat me down first day and said, in effect, you don’t know shit and you’re surrounded experience and learning opportunities. And man that was a load of my mind. I had like a 1.98 in the major. Slackers delight, a second chance! Point being, embarking on a new career is a fresh opportunity for learning and experience. While I don’t have the moxie to pull off the speech my first lead gave me, I always celebrate with the newbies coming on board.

    Second is a course change. That’s quitting one job and moving on to the next. Lost a lot of great folks to work with over this one, but it is a celebration for them nonetheless. Moving on for better opportunities, new learning experiences, different challenges is never a bad thing. Been able to do that once, voluntarily.

    Last, and IMHO, greatest milestone in our working lives is ending it. Man do I celebrate when colleagues reach this one! Its like that last day of school in June. Except there is no next first day in September. Permanent Summer break!

    But I get it. Maybe. Somewhere along the line, call it maturity, responsibility, or just plain stupidity, we get conditioned to vigorously doing what we need to to (our “jobs”) and indifferent to doing what we want to do. RAGBRAI. Overhauling a bicycle. Tackling any one of the million scale modeling projects in the basement. RC. Drones. Games. Rucking. Physical Conditioning. Shooting. Watching Yellowstone. Starting that Decal company. Or just plain letting the rest of the world know, well, just about anything that might or might not show up in their feed.

    So. You get to do what you want to do. Not what you have to do. Don’t be afraid…Last I checked, we’re pretty pukin’ adaptable.


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