A Return To Chaos

In about a week we’ll be watching the most consequential election of our times… according to the news. It’s for the governorship of Virginia. I’m sure there’s other elections going on in the country, but for some reason all the smart people believe the outcome of this one will signal the how the rest of the elections will go for the next four years. Whatever. The democrats are apparently worried and have brought out the heavy hitters to help campaign. No, not Brandon but Obama. And yesterday the former and current acting president said something during his speech that caught my ear.

“We’re not going to go back to the chaos that did so much damage” said Obama. Hmmm. Just exactly what damage is he referring to? That’s a serious question. I’m not talking about the four years of hysterical teeth gnashing and wailing brought about by Trump Derangement Syndrome. That’s entirely an issue brought about by the left and fueled by the “media”. Madonna and Ashely Judd wearing pink pussy hats and caterwauling like scalded cats about blowing up the white house and being nasty women perfectly encapsulates the TDS that started right after the election and grew steadily for four years. While annoying, that’s not destruction.

So what exactly did the bad orange man destroy? The economy? Jobs? Gas prices? Border security? A rapid vaccine development in the face of a pandemic? Trust me, there’s plenty not to like about the guy but I can’t think of any actual harm that happened or was exacerbated on his watch other than triggered snowflakes devastated by mean tweets.

It must be really painful for the left right now, as evidenced by the complete radio silence about this president. Nobody is even attempting to defend anything the administration is doing. CNN spends its time covering ani-vaxxers, an actor shooting someone, and never ending analysis of the Laundrie murder. MSNBC still covers the devastating capitol insurrection 24×7. Meanwhile kids, pull up a chair and lets think about the achievements under the current administration:

  • A disastrous Afghanistan pull out that got US solders and marines killed, droned a car full of kids, and left behind hundreds of Americans. Oh, and gifted the Taliban $80 some odd billion dollars in military hardware. Tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans have been brought in as refugees and released into the country.
  • Rapidly accelerating inflation, gas prices, food costs, and a worker shortage that nobody can explain.
  • A supply chain crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Hundreds of ships anchored offshore with no way to offload. Store shelves are empty, manufacturing is shut down, and consumer goods like cars and appliances are non-existent. Meanwhile the transportation secretary who was already AWOL on this issue, goes on paternity leave (and nobody in the media even notices).
  • A mishandling of public health messaging that’s so inept it’s causing reasonable people to question vaccines simply because they no longer trust the governments message. Public health officials demanding you “follow the science” while actually ignoring the science. Our covid czar Fauci is caught lying about funding gain of function research in, wait for it… Wuhan. A president to actually believes millions of people should lose their jobs if they don’t submit to the jab.
  • An unimaginable border crisis that grows by the day. A record 1.7 million unvaccinated and unvetted people intercepted and released into the country. Hundreds of thousands more that snuck in without detection. New caravans of thousands are heading to the border at this moment. Secret flights are sending folks to cities across the country in the middle of the night. The Vice President, appointed as the border czar is… simply AWOL. But dammit, we will investigate the border patrol riding horses. The public imagery is horrific!
  • From a foreign policy standpoint, we’ve managed to piss off the French, provoke the China/Taiwan issue and North Korea is back to launching missiles. Straight out of the gate our secretary of state attempted to lecture Chinese officials and got his ass handed to him. Speaking of China, they’re now actively posturing and provoking militarily on the sea and in the air.
  • Crime and murder are at all time highs across the country. Meanwhile the attorney general appears to be more concerned with parents attending school board meetings.

In times past, any one of those issues would be enough to hamstring a president for the duration of their term. All of this and we’re not even a year into this administration. The growing list of crises is causing actual damage, with no relief in sight. There doesn’t appear to be anyone in the administration even attempting to get out in front of any of this. All efforts appear to be solely on getting the two, five, seven, ten trillion (I’ve lost track of what it is now) in new spending passed. Because printing new trillions of dollars during inflation/stagflation is clearly sound economic policy.

No offense, but I preferred the previous chaos and damage.

3 thoughts on “A Return To Chaos”

  1. Hi, I think you have some valid points when it comes to faulting the Democrat regime. Certainly, the posturing against China is escalating dangerous tensions. Some things, I wonder whether there are global economic factors – as here in Britain, we’re also experiencing rising inflation, including energy costs and, also, a supply chain crisis.

    It should be recalled that it was Donald Trump’s regime that signed off on the Afghanistan pull-out and had, in fact, scheduled it for May 2021. Biden delayed it and, as devastating and chaotic as it was, a May pull-out would likely have been worse. Whether there was a realistic option to renege on the previous administration’s agreement with the Afghans, I don’t know.

    Overall, I do agree that the Corporate Democrats are extremely flawed and in some areas, such as foreign policy, seem to align with Trump’s GOP. However, there are some clear differences. Trump encouraged misinformation about the pandemic to an extreme scale, often through his own utterances. I don’t doubt that the Democrats are not being consistent or clear but they are not pushing against science so egregiously.

    The other matter is climate change. Trump’s Republicans are almost entirely disbelievers and the administration was taking steps to deregulate protections on wildlife and the environment.


    1. Thank you so much for the read!

      All good points. One thing I would say is that is true for any administration, here or over on your side of the world, regardless of what may or may not have lead up to it… when it happens on your watch it’s your issue. You wanted the job, you own whatever happens. That’s part of leadership.

      Certainly there are some things you could consider “damage”, depending on where you fall on the issue, for some environmental issues like removing protections for the Bears Ears national monument. But climate change? I’d be curious what “damage” you think Trump did to the world in that department? It’s a subject I’m pretty well versed in. I’d wager we’d probably have to agree to disagree in that area. LOL.

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  2. Hi, I must say that I’m not informed on the details – so would be glad to read your knowledge on it. The media sources I trust (I am aware that I shouldn’t put blind trust in any source, but they seem to have a good track record) fault Trump’s environmental policies, such as withdrawing from the Paris Agreement to voluntarily cut greenhouse gases.

    From what I read, Trump, replaced Obama’s Clean Power Plan to control CO2 emissions with weaker regulation. His administration, I also read, replaced fuel economy rules on new cars and light trucks for manufacturers with weaker targets. I think there’s more and I must say that I need to read more to understand and assess them but it seems the consensus is that the Trump administration cared little for the environment.

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